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The Desert Villa Homeowners Association cares for the following local facilities:

  • Gated Pool
  • Gated & Roofed Picnic Area
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court

We are a medium-sized HOA located in THE closest neighborhood to Holloman Air Force Base. We're also very close to the Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport which is just down the road from our neighborhood. Streets named Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Enterprise, and Lindberg connecting to Airport Road are mandatory DVHA HOA members.


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Yearly News & Notices
2021 Newsletters and Statements have been mailed out on 1/31/2021.

Additional HOA account statements were mailed out in May.

Please see pool updates at the top of this homepage. Pool opening seems unlikely this year due to numerous issues related to COVID laws or COVID economic aftereffects, but we are still providing pool-access keycards in case we do open. The HOA board highly desires residents to accept keycards if they have any interest in using the pool this year 2021. We need to make the difficult decision if it is wise for the HOA to spend so much money on the pool again when very few people are using it. Our HOA pool costs thousands of dollars each month! Only 15 people showed up for the keycard distribution meeting in 2021, while in 2019 we had over 100 keycards out by the end of that day, an 80% decrease in pool interest.



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Pool & Current Status:

Closed every Tuesday for Maintenance.

Keycard access, pool party reservation scheduling, and pool rules are listed here.


Meetings & Events

Regular HOA meetings are held every Third Thursday of each Month at the neighborhood pool located on Challenger Ave. The pool gate will be open and anyone is welcome to attend!


Basketball & Tennis Court

General information about our Basketball court and Tennisball court facilities maintained by the DVHA.



General information about our Playground facility maintained by the DVHA.


City & Utility Services

A list of services available near or in our neighborhood, such as internet, cell phone providers, nearby emergency services, etc.


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Current HOA Prices. Where to send your payments. Payment policies.


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Account Statements

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